Smartsheet Pricing: A Comprehensive 2023 Guide 

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Smartsheet offers a range of pricing options tailored to meet the diverse needs and budgets of individuals and organizations. Before making a decision, it is important to understand the various factors that determine Smartsheet pricing. This powerful platform enables teams to streamline their workflows, improve collaboration, and enhance overall productivity. With integrations, project views, document organization, and team collaboration features, Smartsheet provides a comprehensive solution for managing information and driving successful outcomes. Whether you are an individual professional or part of a large enterprise, Smartsheet’s tiered pricing structure ensures that you can find the right plan to suit your specific requirements.

Smartsheet Pricing Overview

Plan Options

Smartsheet offers a range of plan options to cater to different needs. These include Individual, Business, and Enterprise plans. Each plan is designed to accommodate organizations of varying sizes and requirements. By selecting the plan that aligns with your organization’s needs, you can ensure that you have access to the features and benefits necessary for enhanced productivity.

Monthly vs Annual Rates

When considering Smartsheet pricing, it’s important to compare the advantages of both monthly and annual payment options. While monthly payments provide flexibility, annual payments offer cost savings in the long run. Carefully evaluate your budget and long-term goals to determine which payment frequency suits your needs best.

Free Trial Duration

To help users make an informed decision, Smartsheet offers a free trial period. During this time, you can explore the platform’s features and functionality firsthand before committing to a paid plan. This trial period allows you to assess whether Smartsheet meets your specific requirements and provides value for your organization.

Plan Features and Inclusions

Pro Plan Perks

Smartsheet’s Pro plan offers additional perks to enhance your experience. With this plan, you gain access to advanced features like reporting, resource management, and automated workflows. These capabilities enable you to maximize your productivity and streamline your processes. Whether you need to generate comprehensive reports or automate repetitive tasks, the Pro plan has got you covered.

Business Enhancements

If you’re looking for seamless collaboration and enhanced functionality, Smartsheet’s Business plan is the way to go. This plan allows you to collaborate seamlessly with team members through shared workspaces and dashboards. You can easily assign tasks, track progress, and communicate with your team in real-time. The Business plan offers premium features such as data integration, activity logs, and content management tools that further optimize your workflow.

Enterprise Solutions

For large organizations with complex operations, Smartsheet offers tailored Enterprise solutions. By opting for these solutions, you can benefit from dedicated support that ensures a smooth transition and ongoing assistance throughout your journey. Advanced security measures are also included to protect sensitive data within your organization. Moreover, custom branding options allow you to maintain consistency across all aspects of your Smartsheet platform while scaling effectively.

Additional Smartsheet Products

Add-Ons Pricing

Understanding the pricing structure for add-ons is essential when considering Smartsheet for your organization. With add-ons, you can complement your Smartsheet subscription and enhance your workflow by connecting it with other essential business applications. Explore integrations with popular tools like Microsoft Office 365, Google Workspace, and Salesforce to streamline your processes and improve productivity.

Training Costs

When implementing Smartsheet within your organization, it’s important to consider the associated training costs. Evaluate the available training resources provided by Smartsheet, including online courses and certifications. These resources can help your team gain the necessary skills and knowledge to successfully adopt Smartsheet. Determine the level of training required based on your team’s needs and goals.

New Features

Stay up-to-date with the latest features and enhancements introduced by Smartsheet. Continuous innovation allows you to optimize your workflow and improve project management capabilities. By leveraging these new features, you can enhance collaboration, automate repetitive tasks, and increase overall efficiency.

Security Considerations

Data Protection

Smartsheet prioritizes the security and protection of your data. They have implemented robust measures to ensure that your sensitive information remains secure and confidential.

One of the key aspects of data protection is encryption. Smartsheet uses industry-standard encryption techniques to safeguard your data both at rest and in transit. This means that any information stored within Smartsheet is encrypted, making it extremely difficult for unauthorized individuals to access or decipher.

In addition to encryption, Smartsheet also employs strict access controls. This ensures that only authorized individuals within your organization can access the relevant data. By setting permissions and roles, you have full control over who can view, edit, or share specific sheets or documents.

Smartsheet also complies with various industry standards. They adhere to regulations such as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). By using Smartsheet, you can be confident that your organization meets these compliance standards.

Compliance Standards

Smartsheet goes above and beyond. They understand the importance of meeting regulatory requirements, especially when dealing with sensitive data.

By utilizing Smartsheet’s platform, you can ensure that your organization remains compliant with various industry regulations. For example, if you operate within the healthcare sector, utilizing Smartsheet helps you meet HIPAA requirements for protecting patient information.

Smartsheet’s commitment to maintaining data privacy and security is evident through their adherence to these compliance standards. You can trust that they take the necessary steps to protect your information while providing a reliable platform for collaboration and project management.

Nonprofit and Cost-Effective Decisions

Nonprofit Discounts

If you’re part of a nonprofit organization, it’s important to explore if you qualify for special pricing or discounts from Smartsheet. By doing so, you can find options that align with your budget constraints while still supporting your nonprofit’s mission. Smartsheet offers various tools that can drive efficiency and collaboration within nonprofit operations, helping you make the most of your resources.

Budgeting for Smartsheet

To effectively plan your budget, consider the costs associated with Smartsheet subscriptions. Evaluate the different pricing tiers available and any potential add-ons, training, or customization requirements that may be necessary for your organization. This will help you align your budget with the value that Smartsheet brings to your nonprofit.

Exploring discounts offered by Smartsheet is crucial. By taking advantage of these special pricing options, nonprofits can leverage Smartsheet’s powerful tools without straining their budgets. This allows organizations to streamline their operations and enhance collaboration among team members.

When planning your budget for using Smartsheet, it’s important to carefully evaluate all relevant costs. Consider factors such as subscription fees based on user numbers or features required, additional add-ons or integrations needed, training expenses for staff members who will use the platform, and any potential customization requirements specific to your organization’s needs.

Hidden Costs and Support Fees

Unseen Expenses

Be aware that the base subscription cost of Smartsheet may not be the only expense you need to consider. There might be additional charges that could impact your overall budget. For example, storage limits may apply, and if you exceed those limits, you may have to pay extra fees. If you need to add more user seats or utilize premium features, there could be charges associated with these as well. It is important to plan for these potential expenses in order to avoid any surprises in your budget.

Customer Support Pricing

Understanding the customer support options available and their associated costs is crucial when considering Smartsheet pricing. Evaluate the level of support your organization requires and choose between standard or premium support plans accordingly. Standard support may be suitable if you have minimal support needs, while a premium support plan might be necessary if you require more extensive assistance from Smartsheet’s customer support team.

Remember that investing in a higher level of customer support can provide added benefits such as faster response times and priority access to resources. However, it is essential to assess your organization’s specific needs before making a decision.

System and Usage Optimization

System Requirements

Familiarize yourself with the system requirements needed to run Smartsheet effectively. Ensure that your hardware, operating system, and internet connection meet the necessary specifications. By meeting the recommended system requirements, you can optimize your Smartsheet experience.

To ensure the smooth functioning of Smartsheet, it is essential to have compatible hardware. Check if your computer or device meets the minimum requirements specified by Smartsheet. Make sure you have a stable internet connection to avoid any disruptions while using the platform.

Maximizing Smartsheet Use

One way to enhance your productivity is through automation features offered by Smartsheet. Automating repetitive tasks can save time and reduce errors in data entry or calculations. Explore the various automation options available in Smartsheet and learn how they can streamline your workflow.

Efficient project management is another key aspect of maximizing Smartsheet use. Utilize features like Gantt charts, task dependencies, and resource management tools to effectively plan and track projects. Collaborate with team members by assigning tasks, setting deadlines, and sharing relevant documents within the platform.


In conclusion, Smartsheet offers a range of pricing plans to cater to different business needs. The overview of the pricing structure, along with the detailed analysis of plan features and inclusions, provides valuable insights for organizations considering Smartsheet as their project management solution. The examination of additional Smartsheet products, security considerations, and hidden costs helps businesses make informed decisions and optimize their system usage.

To make the most of Smartsheet’s offerings, it is crucial for organizations to evaluate their specific requirements and align them with the appropriate pricing plan. By doing so, they can ensure cost-effectiveness while benefiting from the platform’s robust features and functionalities. It is also recommended to take advantage of user insights and value evaluations to gain a comprehensive understanding of Smartsheet’s potential impact on productivity and collaboration within the organization.

With its flexible pricing options and comprehensive set of tools, Smartsheet presents a compelling solution for businesses looking to streamline their project management processes. By carefully considering the information provided in this article, organizations can confidently make decisions that align with their needs and leverage Smartsheet’s capabilities for enhanced efficiency and success.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the pricing structure for Smartsheet?

Smartsheet offers a tiered pricing structure based on the number of users and features required. They have different plans such as Individual, Business, Enterprise, and Premier. Pricing details can be found on their website.

Are there any hidden costs or support fees associated with Smartsheet?

While Smartsheet’s pricing is transparent, it’s important to note that additional costs may arise if you require advanced features or integrations not included in your chosen plan. Support fees may apply for personalized assistance beyond standard customer support.

Can non-profit organizations benefit from cost-effective options?

Yes, Smartsheet recognizes the needs of non-profit organizations and offers special discounts or tailored plans to help them optimize their workflows while staying within budget constraints. Non-profits should reach out to the Smartsheet team for more information.

What security considerations should I keep in mind when using Smartsheet?

Smartsheet prioritizes data security and provides measures like encryption, access controls, and regular backups to protect user information. However, it’s essential to follow best practices such as setting strong passwords and managing user permissions to ensure the highest level of security for your organization.

How can I evaluate the value of using Smartsheet for my business?

To evaluate the value of Smartsheet for your business, consider factors such as increased productivity, improved collaboration among teams, streamlined processes, reduced errors, and enhanced project management capabilities. Assessing these benefits against the cost of implementation will help determine its value proposition for your organization.