Task Validation Widget


Have you ever added tasks to a project and later realized that the new tasks don’t meet established standards for scheduling and reporting? The Task Validation Widget can solve this issue for you by enforcing specific validation rules. Once an organization defines the types of validation rules they want to perform, the Task Validation Widget will search the project and identify instances where these criteria are met. Validation issues are noted in the project and also in a dialog which provides a summary of the conditions found, and also provides guidance for how to address specific conditions.

Many people, however, find it more convenient to work with multiple projects by displaying the projects side by side. The Arrange Projects Side-by-Side Widget automatically arranges each of your open projects side-by-side at the click of a button.

The Task Validation Widget provides a summary of the conditions found and also guidance for how to address specific conditions.

You can also filter your project to see only those tasks that meet specific validation conditions to help focus your analysis.

The Task Validation Widget identifies project tasks that do not meet established organization standards for scheduling and reporting.  


  • Ensures projects meet organizational standards
  • Prevents conditions in a project that might hinder Microsoft Project’s ability to properly calculate the project schedule (e.g. missing successor task, milestone with a duration of more than “0” days
  • Supports reporting requirements (e.g. a tasks Display Name is too long for a specific report, milestones schedule too close together)

Arrange Windows Side By Side Widget