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As a Microsoft Project partner, Ira Brown consistently delivered time-critical solutions for our Microsoft Project platform. Ira's superior knowledge and excellent skills in translating business needs into solutions were crucial to a successful implementation.

– Clive E. Waugh, Manager, Collaborative Technologies

  Arrange Windows Side by Side Widget

In Microsoft Project, there is a function located under the Windows menu called "Arrange All". If you have two projects open, the standard "Arrange All" function will display one project stacked on top of the other project. More...
  Rollup...Rollup Milestone Dates to the Project Center

An important part of a project manager's job is to manage the dates for milestones and other key tasks in a project. The dates for these key tasks are monitored very closely by executives in an organization, and Project Web Access is an excellent tool to keep the management team informed about these tasks in your project. More...

At Project Widgets, we specialize in taking the mystery out of Microsoft Project. All of our training offerings will teach you exactly what you need to know to be successful with this powerful project management tool.

With every new release of Microsoft Project, the software keeps getting more and more powerful, and yet more and more complex. The only way you will ever be able to master the advanced capabilities of Microsoft Project is by first mastering the fundamentals.

Project Widgets training programs are designed to help you master the fundamentals of Microsoft Project. We will teach you exactly what you need to know to perform your job, relating the software features to real-life, practical applications in the workplace. We will also emphasize industry best practices to ensure you are using the software in the most effective way.

We deliver our Microsoft Project training at your location, and our instructors are industry experts and published authors in the field of project management. We can even tailor our training classes to your business, using real project plans and resources from your organization as hands-on case studies for the training. We strive to make the training experience completely relevant to the way you run your business, and we will teach users exactly what they need to know to be successful at their job.

We also offer follow-up mentoring services to reinforce the training classes, working with users one-on-one or in small groups to help them through whatever challenges they face with the software.

Our Microsoft Project Fundamentals class includes such topics as:

  • How to initiate new projects using Enterprise project templates
  • Creating task lists (WBS) at the appropriate level of detail
  • Understanding generic resources, and using the Build Team feature to replace generic resources with real named resources
  • Unraveling the mysteries of the "Task Type" feature, and exploring the pros and cons of "Fixed Work", "Fixed Duration", and "Fixed Units" tasks
  • How to best leverage the "Resource Driven" feature
  • Understand how to most effectively use the resource management capabilities of Microsoft Project, including using the resource leveling features of the software
  • Saving the baseline for your project, and practical ways of using the versions and multiple baseline features of the tool
  • How to track and communicate the progress of your projects
  • Managing your project’s issues, risks, and documents via Project Web Access
  • Creating online status reports for your project team using Project Web Access
  • Using views, reports, tables, and filters to help you report and communicate your project status
  • Closing out a project.
Our Microsoft Project Server Administration class includes such topics as:
  • Adding and managing users and groups, including synchronizing Project Server with Active Directory
  • Managing the Enterprise Resource Pool
  • Managing the OLAP cube used for powerful graphical and PivotTable reporting via the Portfolio Analyzer
  • Setting up Project Server security using categories and security templates
  • Building and deploying powerful Project Center views and detailed "drill-down" views
  • Configuring graphical indicators to show the status of your projects, using the popular "traffic-light" paradigm
  • Integrating Project Server will your company’s email system to send out alerts and notifications
  • Deleting and archiving projects
  • Creating Enterprise Project templates
  • Setting up custom fields, including project-level attributes for roll-up reporting
  • Creating a Resource Breakdown Structure (RBS) to organize your resources
  • Migrating existing data from earlier versions of Microsoft Project
  • Managing the collaboration features of Project Server with Windows Sharepoint Services
  • Configuring the tracking features of Project Server, including the use of "managed periods" to track time via the timesheet feature of Project Web Access.
Our Microsoft Project Executive training includes such topics as:
  • Viewing your portfolio of projects using the Project Center
  • Drilling down to view the details of a project
  • Creating a "master project" from the Project Center
  • View your resources in the Resource Center
  • Create charts and PivotTables of projects and resources using the Portfolio Analyzer
  • Identifying resource bottlenecks, and seeing exactly how resources are being utilized in your organization
  • Understanding when it is possible to take on another project based on the availability of key resources
Our Microsoft Project Team Member training includes such topics as:
  • Viewing your tasking list in Project Web Access
  • Tracking your tasks’ progress using the timesheet feature
  • Delegating tasks to another resource
  • Assigning yourself to a new task or an existing task
  • Using Project Web Access to report on the status of project issues
  • Using the status reporting feature of Project Web Access to communicate your major accomplishments, upcoming milestones, and other relevant project information with your project manager
For more information about our training offerings, or to contact us about scheduling an onsite class, click here.
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