What Is ITTO in Project Management (And How You Can Leverage It)

What Is ITTO?

The term ITTO stands for Inputs, Tools, Techniques, and Outputs. In project management, ITTO is a tool used to help identify what resources are needed to complete a task or deliverable.

ITTO can be used in conjunction with other tools, such as the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and the Gantt chart. When used together, these tools can help create a more detailed picture of the project and help identify any potential risks or issues that may arise.

While ITTO is a helpful tool, it is important to remember that no tool is perfect. There will always be some uncertainty when managing a project. However, by using such tools, we can minimize this uncertainty and increase our chances of success.


An input in the context of project management is defined as any item that is required to complete a process. In other words, inputs are the necessary ingredients needed to produce a desired output. Inputs can be categorized into three broad categories: people, materials, and information.

People are the most important input in any project. After all, it is people who will be doing the work and carrying out the tasks necessary to complete the project. Materials are the second type of input. These are the physical resources that will be used in completing the project. Information is the third and final category of input. This includes data, knowledge, and understanding that is necessary for carrying out the project successfully.

Inputs play a vital role in every stage of the project life cycle from initiation to closeout.

Tools and Techniques

Project management software provides project managers with the ability to create detailed schedules, track progress, and manage resources. Project management methodologies provide a framework for managing projects. Earned value management systems help project managers track progress and ensure that projects are on schedule and within budget.

These are just a few of the many tools and techniques available to project managers.


There are four types of outputs in project management: products, services, results, and deliverables. Products are tangible items that can be measured or tested (e.g., software code). Services are intangible items that cannot be measured or tested (e.g., customer service). Results are changes or benefits that occur as a direct consequence of carrying out the project (e.g., increased revenue). Deliverables are tangible items that must be produced during a project (e.g., a physical product, software code, or customer service).

Projects often have multiple products and deliverables.

Why Use ITTO?

There are many reasons why project managers use ITTO. One reason is that it helps them to understand what inputs are needed for a specific project. For example, if a project manager is planning a new website, they will need to know what information needs to be gathered in order to create the website. Additionally, ITTO can help project managers determine which tools and techniques will be most effective for managing their projects.

Another reason why ITTO is used in project management is that it provides a framework for thinking about and organizing all of the different elements of a project. This can be especially helpful when a project manager is first starting out with planning a new project.

Finally, ITTO can also be used as a tool for quality control. By carefully examining each input, tool, technique, and output used in our project, we can identify potential areas of improvement and make changes accordingly.


In project management, ITTO is the acronym for inputs, tools, techniques, and outputs. This refers to the fact that every project has these four basic components.

Each of these elements is essential to the success of a project. The inputs are the resources that are required for a project. The tools and techniques are used to transform those inputs into outputs. Finally, the outputs are the results of the project.

ITTO is a helpful way to think about projects because it reminds us how easily a project can be broken down. By understanding the ITTO, we can better manage our projects and ensure their success.