Insert Activity Widget


Project Widgets’ Project Initiation Widget automates the new project creation process, ensuring uniformity across your enterprise by leveraging existing project templates and metadata. But as scope changes during a project’s life cycle, the companion, Insert Activity Widget, can then be used to insert new activities into an existing project plan, utilizing the same project templates and associating the task field information that is often required for use with reporting.

Based upon the location of the task that is selected in your project, the Insert Activity Widget user interface will leverage the appropriate project template to suggest specific tasks that you may want to add to the plan.

Project Widgets will work with your team to understand your processes and standards for adding new tasks to your projects, and then we will customize the Insert Activity Widget to meet your requirements.

Image of the Insert Activity Widget Interface

The Insert Activity Widget user interface is customized to reflect your organization’s project templates.

Image of the Project Initiation Widget Interface

The companion Project Initiation Widget automates the new project creation process to ensure uniformity across your enterprise. 


  • Provides a consistent method for adding new activities to a project
  • Leverages existing project templates to recommend the appropriate tasks to add
  • Ensures all new tasks are associated with the proper task field information to support enterprise reporting requirements

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