Outlook Integration Widget


Project Widgets’ Outlook Integration Widget allows team members and management to view key Microsoft Project tasks and milestones in their Outlook calendars. The Outlook Integration Widget synchronizes designated Microsoft Project tasks/milestones with a user’s Outlook calendar. As a result, each resource assigned to a designated task/milestone will see an all-day event added to their Outlook calendar. This event will display on a single day for a milestone, and may span multiple days as defined by the task’s Start and Finish date.

The Outlook Integration Widget also creates a shared calendar which includes all designated activities for a project. All resources assigned to a project, whether or not they’re assigned to a specific task, are able to view the shared project calendar. This ensures the entire team is aware of the project’s status at all times.

The Outlook Integration Widget displays color-coded tasks, as well as a shared calendar of events for all assigned projects.

Flag the project tasks to be synchronized with Outlook.


  • Only tasks specifically flagged for integration will synchronize with Outlook.
  • Color coding of Outlook events allows team members to easily distinguish different types of activities or projects.
  • Synchronization functionality timing can be set as required (each day, each week, etc.).


  • Outlook events update automatically to reflect changes in the Microsoft Project schedule.
  • Project managers can include Notes and Reminders with Outlook events.
  • Team members can be notified via email when a task or event is added to their calendar.
  • Team members have increased visibility of their key tasks, decreasing the likelihood of overlooking them.
  • Team members can easily view all key project tasks, improving their understanding of currently active work.