Project Initiation Widget


The Project Initiation Widget (PIW) automates the creation of one or more projects in an organization’s Microsoft Project Server or Project Online system in a consistent, user-friendly, and scalable manner.  The PIW leverages existing project templates and metadata for the creation of new projects. The types and quantities of activities included in a project is determined by how a user responds to prompts on the widget.


  • Utilizes Enterprise templates as the foundation for a new project
  • Allows you to simultaneously initiate all projects related to a single program (or compound for pharmaceutical projects)
  • Automatically links related tasks among projects when using MasterLink
  • Supports multiple project types, and allows the user to specify the types and quantities of activities that will be included in a project
  • Provides a user interface for collecting field values for project metadata


  • Provides a straight-forward and consistent method for initiating new projects
  • Leverages existing project templates
  • Enforces standard project naming conventions