Driving Path Widget

The Driving Path Widget locates all of the predecessor tasks that drive a specific task’s schedule. All dependency types (including lags) and constraint dates are considered in the evaluation. In addition to the driving path, all other non-driving paths of predecessors are also identified, so all potential driving paths are visible.

The Driving Path Widget displays tasks highlighted in green as the driving path to the selected task. Tasks highlighted in gray are the non-driving predecessors.


  • Simply select a task and click the Driving Path toolbar button to locate each task that impacts the selected task’s schedule.
  • Navigate through the driving path by using the Go To Driving Task  form.
  • Easily filter the driving tasks of the selected task.


  • Clearly visualize the critical path  that drives the schedule of a selected task
  • Quickly discern which predecessors are driving any of the tasks in the project