Microsoft Project Widgets

Meet the Widgets

Building & Implementing the Best Widgets for Microsoft Project

Project Initiation Widget

Automate project creation in a consistent, user-friendly, and scalable manner.


Create snapshots of key activities across multiple projects and include this information.

Project Details Portal

A modern, intuitive interface for capturing key project information in a central location.

Scenario Builder Widget

Create multiple scenarios for a project, and compare one or more scenarios.

Driving Path Widget

Easily identify all of the predecessor tasks that drive a specific task’s schedule.

Insert Activity Widget

Automate the process of inserting new activities into an existing project.

Task Validation Widget

Inspect the quality of the data in a project.

Project Console

Master projects without any help from an administrator.

Knowledge Widgets

Easily integrate your organization’s artifacts and methodologies into Microsoft Project.

Outlook Integration Widget

View key Microsoft Project tasks and milestones in your Outlook calendar.

Task Color Widget

Automate the background colors for each outline level on any project.

Zoom Text Widget

Zoom your entire project to increase or decrease the size of the text as needed.

Task Count Widget

Count the displayed tasks in your project with a single click.

Hammock Task Widget

Automatically calculate a hammock task’s start date, finish date, and duration.