Knowledge Widgets


Using Knowledge Widgets, a Project Widgets add-on tool for Microsoft Project, users can display a selected task’s associated methodology content (including best practices, processes, documents, templates, etc.). Along with this widget, Project Widgets will provide guidance and knowledge transfer to guide an organization in repurposing their knowledge and process information for use within Knowledge Widgets.


  • The top pane of Knowledge Widgets displays details about a selected task such as the task’s purpose, step-by-step instructions, best practices, pre-requisites, and other important information.
  • When the need arises to display additional information beyond what fits in the Knowledge Widgets pane, you can provide a link to display additional information in a separate browser window.
  • The user will be able to filter the list of content associated with tasks based upon the following parameters:
    • Templates
    • Sample Documents
    • My Project Documents
  • Knowledge Widgets provides the functionality to allow users to save a customized version of an existing template or sample file to a project’s designated SharePoint library.
  • In addition to integrating with Project Professional, Knowledge Widgets also integrates seamlessly with the Project Web App for project team members and executives.


  • Integrates existing standards and processes directly into Microsoft Project
  • New projects created from an Enterprise template automatically include the associated Knowledge Widgets content.
  • Includes the administrative tools needed to efficiently create and deploy new methodologies.