SnapIt! is an Enterprise reporting application that makes it easy to produce presentation-quality reports based on the trusted data source for your projects, eliminating the need to manually create a graphical presentation of your schedule.  SnapIt! creates “snapshots” of milestones and key activities across multiple projects, providing visibility to changes that have occurred between reporting periods, as well as to the original baseline estimates.


  • Create snapshots of key project, task and milestone information in a centralized, easy-to-use application.
  • Highlight date changes to key milestones from one period to another.
  • Snapshot data can be used to create graphically rich Gantt-based milestone rollup reports that highlight variances from one reporting period to another.


  • Helps to transform the way an organization manages projects by highlighting date changes to key milestones and activities from one period to another so that nothing “slips through the cracks”.
  • Provides historical schedule-related data, which can then be used to improve accuracy of future estimates and also enables performance trend analysis.