Smartsheet Features: Essential Project Management & Collaboration Capabilities

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Smartsheet is a powerful project management and collaboration tool that offers a wide range of features to streamline workflows and improve productivity. With its user-friendly interface, Smartsheet is suitable for teams of all sizes. From reviewing and viewing information to making performance-enhancing decisions, Smartsheet has everything you need to stay organized and efficient. Whether you’re looking to manage projects, track tasks, or collaborate with your team, Smartsheet’s robust set of tools can help you achieve your goals. And the best part? You can try it out for free with their trial version. With additional add-ons like forms and templates, Smartsheet, in combination with power tools like Project Widgets, provides a comprehensive solution for all your project management needs.

Overview of Smartsheet Capabilities

Work Insights

Gain valuable insights into team performance and project progress with Smartsheet’s work insights feature. By tracking key metrics, you can identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions to optimize workflow efficiency. With the ability to visualize data in real-time, you can easily monitor progress, identify bottlenecks, and take proactive measures to keep projects on track. Whether it’s tracking task completion rates or monitoring project timelines, Smartsheet provides the tools you need to stay informed and drive success.

Automation Tools

Smartsheet’s automation tools are designed to streamline your processes and boost productivity. By automating repetitive tasks, you can reduce manual effort and free up time for more important work. With features like automated workflows, conditional logic, and triggers, you can create custom rules that automatically update information, send notifications, or perform other actions based on specific conditions. This not only saves time but also ensures consistency and accuracy across your projects. From simple task reminders to complex approval processes, Smartsheet’s automation capabilities empower you to work smarter, not harder.

Data Security

Data security is a top priority for any organization, and Smartsheet understands this importance. With robust security measures in place, Smartsheet ensures that your sensitive information is protected at all times. You have full control over access levels and permissions, allowing you to define who can view or edit specific sheets or reports. Smartsheet complies with industry regulations regarding data privacy so that you can trust that your information is handled securely. Whether it’s protecting customer data or confidential internal documents, Smartsheet provides peace of mind.

User Empowerment

Smartsheet aims to empower its users by providing easy-to-use tools and intuitive interfaces. The platform is designed with collaboration in mind – enabling team members to contribute effectively towards shared goals. With features like real-time collaboration, commenting, and task assignments, Smartsheet fosters a culture of teamwork and ensures everyone is on the same page. Smartsheet offers training resources and support to promote user adoption and help users get the most out of the platform. Whether you’re a project manager or a team member, Smartsheet empowers you to work efficiently and collaboratively.

Essential Project Management Features

Gantt Charts

Gantt charts are an essential tool for project management, allowing you to visualize project timelines and dependencies in an interactive format. With Smartsheet’s Gantt chart feature, you can easily manage tasks, milestones, and deadlines all in one view. By clearly mapping out the sequence of activities, you can identify potential bottlenecks and optimize resource allocation accordingly. This helps ensure that projects stay on track and are completed efficiently.

Resource Management

Efficiently allocating resources across multiple projects and teams is crucial for successful project management. Smartsheet provides robust resource management tools that enable you to avoid overbooking or underutilization of resources. By accurately tracking resource availability and workload, you can optimize resource utilization for improved project outcomes. This ensures that each team member is assigned tasks appropriately, leading to increased productivity and better overall project performance.

Scheduling Tools

Accurate planning is a cornerstone of effective project management. Smartsheet offers powerful scheduling tools that allow you to create dynamic schedules which adapt to changes in real-time. You can set task dependencies, constraints, and durations to ensure accurate sequencing of activities. With automated notifications, everyone involved in the project stays informed about schedule updates, fostering collaboration and minimizing confusion. These scheduling features help keep your projects organized and on schedule.

Activity Log

Maintaining accountability is vital when managing complex projects. Smartsheet’s activity log feature allows you to track all changes made to sheets, rows, or cells within your project. This comprehensive audit trail enables you to monitor project progress effectively and identify potential issues or delays early on. By having a record of every action taken by team members, you can quickly address any discrepancies or errors that may arise during the course of the project. The activity log serves as a valuable reference point for future analysis or troubleshooting.

Enhancing Team Collaboration

Shared Workspaces

Collaboration is essential for effective teamwork, and Smartsheet provides shared workspaces that allow teams to collaborate seamlessly. Within these workspaces, team members can centralize project-related documents, discussions, and updates. This centralized approach ensures that everyone has access to the latest information in one place, eliminating the need to search through multiple platforms or email chains.

By utilizing shared workspaces in Smartsheet, teams can streamline their collaboration efforts. They can easily share files and resources with each other, ensuring that everyone is on the same page. This not only saves time but also promotes transparency within the team.

Real-Time Communication

Instant communication is crucial for efficient collaboration, especially when team members are located in different places. Smartsheet offers real-time communication features such as comments and notifications that facilitate instant communication among team members.

With the ability to leave comments on specific tasks or cells within a sheet, team members can provide feedback or ask questions without delay. Notifications ensure that everyone stays updated on any changes made by their colleagues. This real-time communication feature enables teams to collaborate effectively regardless of their physical location.

Furthermore, keeping conversations organized within the platform makes it easier for team members to refer back to previous discussions. Instead of searching through countless emails or chat logs, they can simply navigate to the relevant task or cell and find all relevant communication history.

Content Collaboration

Working together on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations is a common requirement for many teams. Smartsheet allows teams to collaborate on these types of content in real-time. Multiple team members can edit a document simultaneously without worrying about version control issues.

This simultaneous editing capability eliminates the need for back-and-forth file sharing and merging changes manually. It streamlines the entire collaboration process by ensuring that everyone has access to the most up-to-date version of a document at all times.

Smartsheet simplifies the feedback and approval processes. Team members can provide comments directly on the document, making it clear and concise for others to understand their suggestions or concerns. This streamlines decision-making by providing a centralized platform for collecting feedback and reaching consensus.

Streamlining Processes with Smartsheet Apps

Mobile Accessibility

Accessing Smartsheet on-the-go is made easy with mobile apps available for both iOS and Android devices. Whether you’re traveling, working remotely, or simply away from your desk, these mobile apps allow you to stay connected and manage your projects from anywhere at any time. With the ability to capture data, update tasks, and collaborate seamlessly from your mobile device, you can ensure that work continues smoothly even when you’re not in the office.

Standardized Workflows

Establishing consistent processes is crucial for efficient project management. Smartsheet offers standardized templates that serve as a foundation for creating workflows tailored to your specific needs. By leveraging these templates, you can save valuable time by replicating successful workflows across multiple projects. This not only ensures consistency but also promotes adherence to best practices within your organization. With standardized workflows in place, teams can work more efficiently and effectively towards achieving their goals.

WorkApps Integration

Integrating Smartsheet with other business applications takes collaboration to the next level. By seamlessly connecting data and automating actions between different systems through WorkApps integration, organizations can enhance productivity and streamline workflows. Manual data entry and duplication are eliminated as information flows seamlessly between platforms. This integration empowers teams to work more cohesively by providing them with a centralized hub where they can access all relevant information without switching between multiple applications.

The integration capabilities of Smartsheet’s WorkApps extend its functionality beyond project management alone. It allows businesses to leverage their existing software ecosystem while benefiting from the collaborative features offered by Smartsheet. For example, integrating Smartsheet with CRM software enables sales teams to track customer interactions and manage deals more efficiently. Similarly, integrating it with HR systems streamlines employee onboarding processes by automating tasks such as form submissions and approvals.

Advanced Reporting and Data Analysis

Custom Reports

Custom reports in Smartsheet allow users to generate visualizations of project performance and metrics. With this feature, stakeholders can tailor reports to their specific requirements or key performance indicators (KPIs). By customizing the reports, users can focus on the most relevant data and present insights in a clear and concise format.

For example, a project manager may want to create a report that highlights the progress of each team member, including their completed tasks and upcoming deadlines. By customizing the report to display this information, the project manager can easily identify any bottlenecks or areas that require additional resources. This level of customization ensures that stakeholders have access to the most relevant information for decision-making.

Sharing these custom reports with stakeholders is also seamless within Smartsheet. Users can easily collaborate by granting access to specific individuals or teams. This allows stakeholders to stay informed about project status without overwhelming them with unnecessary details.

Executive Dashboards

Smartsheet’s executive dashboards provide high-level visibility into projects. These dashboards are designed for executives who need a quick overview of key metrics, milestones, and overall progress. With just a glance at the dashboard, executives can assess the health of multiple projects simultaneously.

For instance, an executive overseeing various marketing campaigns can use an executive dashboard to track important metrics such as campaign reach, engagement rates, and conversion rates. The dashboard consolidates data from different sources into one centralized location for easy monitoring.

Real-time updates on project status are another valuable aspect of executive dashboards in Smartsheet. Executives no longer need to rely on manual updates or wait for email notifications; they can view real-time changes directly on their dashboards. This ensures that decisions are made based on up-to-date information.

Event Reporting

Smartsheet’s customizable reporting features extend beyond standard project management tasks; they also cater to event tracking and incident reporting. Users can create reports specifically tailored to track events or incidents, allowing for effective documentation of details, assignment of responsibilities, and tracking of resolution progress.

For example, a facilities management team could use Smartsheet’s event reporting feature to track maintenance requests. They can document the details of each request, assign responsible parties, and track the progress until resolution. This centralized system ensures that nothing falls through the cracks and enables teams to analyze trends and patterns in order to prevent future occurrences.

Integration and Connectivity Solutions


Integrate Smartsheet with popular third-party applications like Salesforce or Jira to streamline workflows and ensure data consistency. With these connectors, you can sync data across platforms, eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing the risk of errors.

By automating data transfers between Smartsheet and other systems, you can save time and increase efficiency. For example, if you have a sales team that uses Salesforce for customer relationship management (CRM), integrating it with Smartsheet allows you to automatically update relevant information in both systems. This ensures that your team has access to the most up-to-date data without having to switch between multiple platforms.

Furthermore, by connecting Smartsheet with Jira, a project management tool commonly used by software development teams, you can seamlessly track tasks and issues across both platforms. This integration enables better collaboration between different teams involved in a project, as they can easily access and update information in real-time.

API Access

Leverage Smartsheet’s APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to build custom integrations or applications tailored to your specific needs. These APIs allow developers to extend the functionality of Smartsheet and connect it with other systems using RESTful APIs.

With API access, you have the flexibility to integrate Smartsheet into existing workflows or create entirely new applications that interact with your Smartsheet data. For example, if you have an internal web portal where employees submit requests or track project progress, you can use Smartsheet’s API to fetch relevant data from your sheets and display it within the portal. This integration ensures that all stakeholders have access to real-time information without having to switch between different tools.

Digital Asset Management

In addition to its core project management features, Smartsheet also offers digital asset management capabilities. You can organize and manage various types of digital assets within Smartsheet itself, including files, images, and documents.

By storing these assets securely in one centralized location, you can easily access and share them with team members as needed. For example, if you are working on a marketing campaign, you can store all the campaign assets such as images, videos, and design files within Smartsheet. This ensures that everyone involved in the campaign has access to the latest assets and can collaborate effectively.

Moreover, by integrating digital asset management with project management workflows in Smartsheet, you can associate specific assets with tasks or projects.

Smartsheet for Different Business Needs

Portfolio Management

Gain visibility into multiple projects within a portfolio. With Smartsheet, you can track the progress, resource allocation, and financials across all your projects. This allows you to have a comprehensive view of all your initiatives in one place. By having access to real-time data, you can make informed decisions based on the overall portfolio performance.

Process Management

Streamline and automate your business processes with Smartsheet’s workflow management capabilities. Define process steps, assign tasks to team members, and track progress in real-time. By automating manual handoffs and eliminating bottlenecks, you can improve efficiency and ensure that tasks are completed on time. Smartsheet provides a centralized platform for managing workflows, making it easier for teams to collaborate effectively.

Custom Branding Options

Customize the look and feel of your Smartsheet workspace with branding options. Add your company logos, colors, and themes to create a personalized experience for your team members. Aligning Smartsheet with your brand identity enhances user engagement and creates a cohesive experience across different tools used within your organization.

Smartsheet offers a range of features designed to meet various business needs effectively:

  • Collaboration: Collaborate seamlessly with team members by sharing sheets, assigning tasks, and providing real-time updates.
  • Automation: Automate repetitive tasks using formulas and conditional formatting to save time and reduce errors.
  • Integration: Integrate Smartsheet with other tools such as Microsoft Office 365 or Google Workspace to streamline workflows.
  • Reporting: Generate customizable reports that provide insights into project status, resource allocation, and financial metrics.
  • Mobile Access: Access Smartsheet on-the-go through mobile apps available for iOS and Android devices.
  • Security: Ensure data security with advanced permissions settings that allow you to control access levels for different users.

Smartsheet Expansion with Premium Add-Ons

E-Signature Integration

Streamline approval processes with integrated e-signature capabilities. Smartsheet offers a seamless solution for obtaining legally binding signatures directly within the platform, eliminating the need for printing, scanning, or mailing physical documents. With this premium add-on, you can expedite document signing and enhance collaboration by allowing stakeholders to sign off on important contracts, agreements, and forms without the hassle of traditional paperwork.

Project Templates

Kickstart new projects quickly with pre-built templates available in Smartsheet’s premium add-ons. Whether you’re managing a marketing campaign, launching a product, or organizing an event, these templates provide a solid foundation to get started. Choose from a variety of industry-specific templates or create your own customized templates based on your unique business needs. By leveraging these ready-made project structures and workflows, you can save valuable time and ensure consistency across your projects.

Advanced Admin Tools

Smartsheet’s premium add-ons include advanced admin tools that simplify user management and ensure compliance with organizational policies. Administrators can easily administer and manage user accounts, permissions, and settings within the platform. Control access levels to sensitive data and set up security policies to protect confidential information. The advanced admin tools also streamline user onboarding processes by providing a centralized platform for managing user access across multiple teams or departments.

In addition to user management features, these tools offer enhanced data governance capabilities. You can establish data retention policies to meet regulatory requirements and maintain compliance standards. By having control over who has access to what data and implementing strict security measures, you can safeguard sensitive information within your organization.

With Smartsheet’s premium add-ons such as e-signature integration, project templates, and advanced admin tools, businesses can unlock additional functionality that enhances productivity and collaboration within their teams. These features allow for more efficient approval processes through integrated e-signatures while saving time with pre-built project templates. Furthermore, the advanced admin tools provide administrators with the necessary controls to manage user accounts, permissions, and data governance effectively.

Community and Educational Resources

Smartsheet University

Smartsheet University is a valuable resource for users looking to enhance their skills and maximize productivity with the platform. With comprehensive training resources, users can access best practices, tips, and tricks to become power users of Smartsheet. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced user, Smartsheet University offers courses and learning materials tailored to your needs.

Knowledge Base Access

Smartsheet’s knowledge base provides users with a vast collection of articles, guides, and frequently asked questions (FAQs). This resource is designed to help users find answers to common questions and troubleshoot issues independently. By exploring the knowledge base, users can stay updated with the latest features and product enhancements. It serves as a go-to reference for understanding different aspects of Smartsheet’s functionality.

Community Support Forums

Engaging with the vibrant community of Smartsheet users and experts is another way to leverage the platform’s capabilities effectively. The community support forums provide a space where users can seek advice, share insights, and collaborate on problem-solving. By tapping into collective wisdom, innovative solutions and best practices can be discovered. The forums offer an opportunity for individuals from various industries and backgrounds to connect and learn from one another.

The availability of these community and educational resources demonstrates Smartsheet’s commitment to supporting its user base. Users have access to comprehensive training materials through Smartsheet University, enabling them to continuously develop their skills on the platform. The knowledge base acts as a self-help tool that empowers users with information needed for troubleshooting or understanding new features.

Moreover, participating in the community support forums fosters collaboration among users who may encounter similar challenges or have unique perspectives on utilizing Smartsheet effectively in different scenarios. Through this interaction, individuals can gain valuable insights that may not be readily available elsewhere.

For example, imagine a marketing team struggling with project management using traditional methods like spreadsheets and email. By visiting Smartsheet University, they can learn about specific features and strategies tailored to their needs, such as automating workflows or using templates for campaign planning. They can then explore the knowledge base to find step-by-step guides on implementing these features.

If they encounter any roadblocks or have further questions, they can turn to the community support forums for advice from experienced users who have already overcome similar challenges.

Evaluating Smartsheet’s Market Position

Pricing and Plans

Smartsheet offers a range of pricing plans tailored to different team sizes and needs. Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, there is an option for you. The flexible pricing structure allows you to choose the plan that best suits your requirements without any unnecessary features or costs. One of the key advantages of Smartsheet’s pricing is its transparency – there are no hidden fees or surprises. You can easily see what you’re paying for and make informed decisions about your budget. As your business grows, you can seamlessly scale your usage without any hassle.

Award-Winning Features

Smartsheet stands out with its award-winning features. These features have gained industry recognition and are trusted by organizations worldwide for their innovation and excellence. By using Smartsheet, you can benefit from the same tools that have helped countless businesses achieve remarkable results. Joining the community of satisfied customers who have experienced success with Smartsheet will give you confidence in the capabilities of this platform.

Alternative Solutions

While Smartsheet offers a comprehensive set of features, it’s always important to explore alternative solutions before making a final decision. There are several other project management tools available in the market that may suit your specific needs better. By comparing these alternatives in terms of features, pricing, and user reviews, you can ensure that you choose the right fit for your organization. Factors such as scalability, customization options, and integration capabilities should be considered when evaluating different options.


In conclusion, Smartsheet offers a comprehensive set of features and capabilities that make it a powerful tool for project management, team collaboration, and process streamlining. With its advanced reporting and data analysis functionalities, users can gain valuable insights to drive informed decision-making. The integration and connectivity solutions enable seamless communication and data sharing across various platforms, enhancing efficiency and productivity. Smartsheet provides tailored solutions for different business needs, ensuring its versatility and adaptability in diverse industries.

To fully leverage the potential of Smartsheet, users can explore the wide range of premium add-ons available. These add-ons expand the platform’s capabilities and provide additional tools to further enhance project management and collaboration efforts. Moreover, the Smartsheet community and educational resources offer valuable support and learning opportunities for users to maximize their usage of the platform.

In summary, Smartsheet is a robust project management and collaboration solution with a multitude of features designed to streamline processes and improve team productivity. Its user-friendly interface, extensive integrations, and customizable options make it an ideal choice for businesses of all sizes. By harnessing the power of Smartsheet, organizations can optimize their workflows, increase efficiency, and achieve better results.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Smartsheet enhance team collaboration?

Smartsheet enhances team collaboration by providing real-time updates, allowing team members to easily communicate and collaborate on tasks. It offers features like comments, notifications, and activity logs that keep everyone informed and engaged. With shared workspaces and customizable workflows, teams can streamline their processes and work together more efficiently.

What are the advanced reporting and data analysis capabilities of Smartsheet?

Smartsheet offers advanced reporting and data analysis capabilities that enable users to gain valuable insights from their project data. With features like pivot tables, charts, and automated reports, users can visualize their data in meaningful ways. They can track progress, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions to optimize their projects.

How does Smartsheet support integration and connectivity with other tools?

Smartsheet supports integration and connectivity with a wide range of third-party tools through its robust API ecosystem. Users can connect Smartsheet with popular applications like Microsoft Office 365, Google Workspace, Salesforce, Jira, Slack, and many more. This seamless integration allows for efficient data exchange between systems and enhances productivity.

What premium add-ons are available for expanding Smartsheet’s functionality?

Smartsheet offers premium add-ons that provide additional functionality for specific business needs. These add-ons include Dynamic View for external stakeholder collaboration, DataMesh for cross-sheet calculations and roll-ups, Control Center for managing multiple projects at scale, Bridge for connecting on-premises systems with Smartsheet’s cloud platform, among others.

What community resources are available for learning about Smartsheet?

Smartsheet provides a wealth of community resources to help users learn about the platform. The Smartsheet Community is a vibrant online forum where users can ask questions, share best practices, and get advice from experts. There are webinars, tutorials, documentation guides, templates library to support users in maximizing the benefits of Smartsheet.