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A project manager using her phone as a calculator and Microsoft Project on her computer to do budgeting for her new project.

Microsoft Project Budgeting Guide: Master the Essentials

We discussed understanding budget cost fields, setting up project budget costs, advanced budgeting with budget resources, exploring budget cost alternatives, and leveraging experts for effective project budgeting. By gaining a thorough understanding of these topics, you can enhance your ability to manage budgets effectively and make informed decisions throughout your projects.

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A project manager meeting with stakeholders about future projects for the company.

The Art of Stakeholder Management: Strategies for Success

In today’s complex business landscape, effective stakeholder management is paramount to the success of any project or organization. By recognizing the importance of stakeholders and implementing strategies to engage and communicate with them, businesses can gain a competitive edge and achieve their goals more efficiently.

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A project management team planning their Work Breakdown Structures using a Gantt chart.

Work Breakdown Structures (WBS) Made Easy

The work breakdown structure (WBS) is a crucial tool in project management, enabling the hierarchical decomposition of project deliverables. It helps create a visual hierarchy and allows for the organization of individual tasks. This is especially important in systems engineering projects.

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A remote employee of a project management company waves hello to his colleague on a video call.

Mastering Remote Project Team Management: Proven Tips for Success

Effectively managing remote project teams is crucial for achieving success in today’s digital age. By following the key tips for remote project management success, utilizing effective communication and collaboration tools, setting clear goals and expectations, building trust and accountability, and implementing best practices and tools, you can overcome the challenges of managing remote teams and ensure their productivity and efficiency.

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A project manager organizing sticky notes in the order that will yield the most effect project planning.

The Ultimate Guide to Effective Project Planning

Welcome to the ultimate guide to effective project planning! If you’ve ever found yourself knee-deep in projects, desperately trying to keep all the manageable tasks together while feeling like you’re herding cats, then gantt charts can help. This guide is for you. In this blog post, we’ll explore the exciting world of project planning and how it can help you stay organized and on track. By breaking down your projects into manageable tasks and creating Gantt charts and WBS, you can avoid those hair-pulling moments.

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A pensive, clever undergraduate student wondering if project management is the right career path for him.

Is Project Management Right for Me? Find Your Ideal Career Path!

Project management can be a rewarding and fulfilling career path for those who possess the right skills, traits, and qualifications. It offers numerous opportunities for growth and advancement, allowing individuals to progress from a coordinator role to a director position. However, it is important to be aware of the challenges that come with managing projects, including dealing with complex processes, diverse teams of people, and extensive documentation.

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A vector visual of a project manager jumping from the palms of one job to another, her destination offering more pay and promise. This vector graphic illustrates the transition of project managers through different industries.

Can Project Managers Switch Industries? The (Shocking?) Truth

Project managers possess a unique skill set that can be leveraged to pursue executive-level positions in various industries. With their expertise in project management, these professionals are well-equipped to take on leadership roles and drive success in new sectors. Let’s delve into the potential career growth and advancement opportunities available for project managers looking to switch industries and explore new PMO jobs in industry specific careers.

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A newbie to project management wondering why he should choose Microsoft Project over other project management softwares.

Why Choose Microsoft Project: 5 Key Benefits

Looking for a game-changer in project management? Look no further than Microsoft Project. This widely used software, developed by the tech giant Microsoft Corporation, is designed to make your project planning, tracking, and management a breeze. With its extensive range of features and user-friendly interface, it caters to both beginners and seasoned project managers alike.

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A vector graphic of a project manager announcing to his employee the impending deadline for a task in a project. The dysfunctional communication represented in this vector graphic can be improved via a timeline in a project management software like Microsoft Project.

What is the Purpose of the Microsoft Project Timeline? A Master’s Guide

Have you ever wondered why timelines are a crucial feature in Microsoft Project? Well, let me tell you! The timeline in Microsoft Project, also known as Office Timeline, serves a vital purpose for project management. It provides a visual representation of project tasks and milestones, allowing teams to track progress and meet deadlines efficiently. With its clear overview of project timelines, the timeline feature enables effective planning and scheduling

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A project manager drafting acceptance criteria for a project involving a necessitous client.

Acceptance Criteria: Definition, Types, and Best Practices

Ever wondered how a software development team ensures quality assurance and meets the desired customer needs? Look no further than acceptance criteria. These powerful guidelines, a criterion in the scrum methodology, play a vital role in the development process, helping teams define what is expected of their software. Effective acceptance criteria act as a roadmap, outlining the necessary functional requirements, scenarios, and expectations for user acceptance.

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Data synthesis representing the way events in Event Chain Methodology intertwine with one another.

Event Chain Methodology: A Beginner’s Guide to Project Success

Are you tired of traditional project management techniques that don’t adequately address uncertainties? Look no further! Enter the world of Event Chain Methodology, a widely used approach that revolutionizes project planning and risk mitigation. By identifying and managing different events, both local and global, this method equips project managers with powerful tools like Gantt charts and critical path analysis.

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A project manager working on a new project with affordable project management software that his employers recently purchased for his team.

Discover the Ultimate Affordable Project Management Software of 2023

When it comes to project management software, affordability is a key factor for many businesses. But what exactly makes a project management software affordable? Firstly, the cost should be reasonable and fit within the budget of the company. However, cost shouldn’t be the only factor considered when determining affordability. It’s important to also consider the features offered by the software and whether they align with your business needs.

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A team celebrating their project's success accomplished largely because of Smartsheet's collaboration features.

Supercharge Productivity with Smartsheet’s Collaboration Features

Are you tired of juggling multiple tools like whiteboard, Google Drive, and task management software to collaborate effectively with your creative team? Look no further! Smartsheet’s collaboration features, including real-time document sharing capabilities, are here to revolutionize the way you work together. With Smartsheet, you can seamlessly communicate and coordinate with your team members.

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A human and a robot connecting via artificial intelligence, representing how AI will impact the future of project management.

How AI Will Impact the Future of Project Management

Embracing the future of project management with AI is vital for organizations to stay competitive and streamline their processes. With AI, project managers can automate repetitive tasks such as scheduling, budgeting, and forecasting. This allows them to focus on more strategic decision-making and improve overall project outcomes.

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A lead project manager working on incorporating the agile project management methodology into his team.

Agile Project Management for Noobs (Definitive Guide)

Agile project management is a methodology used to deliver projects in an iterative and collaborative manner. It emphasizes flexibility, continuous improvement, and customer satisfaction. Agile project management values individuals and interactions over processes and tools, working software over comprehensive documentation, customer collaboration over contract negotiation, and responding to change over following a plan.

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A magnifying glass zooming in a computer, symbolizing how to zoom in Microsoft Project with the zoom feature.

Simple Steps on How to Zoom in Microsoft Project

Zooming in Microsoft Project is an essential feature that enables users to view details of specific sections of their project. The zoom feature makes it possible to adjust the viewable area so that you can focus on a particular section of your project. There are several ways to zoom in Microsoft Project, including using the slider bar, keyboard shortcuts, and the toolbar.

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Two project managers developing a new system to implement information technology for project management endeavors their team has been working on.

10 Critical Points on Information Technology for Project Management

Information technology for project management is becoming increasingly more available and it includes a multitude of benefits that every project manager ought to consider. With the right tools and software, project managers can streamline their workflows and automate tasks, reducing the time it takes to complete projects. This means that teams can complete more work in less time, increasing productivity.

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Project management salaries in Georgia are increasing with the demand. This image portrays the city of Atlanta, Georgia, which is home to many project managers.

Project Manager Salaries in Georgia (Ultimate Guide)

Project management is a highly rewarding career option both financially and professionally for individuals based out of Georgia. With opportunities for growth and progression available alongside competitive compensation packages offered by employers across various sectors — the demand is expected to continue increasing further.

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A project manger learning how to add a predecessor in Microsoft Project.

How to Add a Predecessor in Microsoft Project Easily

Proper planning is essential for the success of any project, and Microsoft Project can be a helpful tool in achieving this. Adding predecessors to tasks can aid in creating a clear and organized project plan. By doing so, you can establish dependencies between lessons which will help ensure that they are completed in the correct order. To add a predecessor in Microsoft Project, select the task to which you want to add a predecessor and then click on the “Predecessors” button at the top of your screen. From there, you can choose the task that needs to be completed before this one and set a lag or lead time if necessary.

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A business meeting discussing the best project management tools Microsoft has.

The Best Project Management Tools Microsoft Offers!

Microsoft offers a variety of project management tools that can help businesses streamline their processes and improve overall efficiency. From the classic Microsoft Project to the more modern Planner and Teams, there is something for every type of organization. One significant advantage of these tools is their integration with other Microsoft products like Outlook and Office 365, making it easier for users to stay organized and collaborate seamlessly.

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A project manager instructing her team on project management mentoring for new clients.

Project Management Mentoring (The Best Way)

Project management mentoring is a relationship between two people where an experienced project manager shares their knowledge, skills, and experience with someone less experienced. The mentor provides guidance and advice to help the mentee develop their project management career. This can be done through formal or informal arrangements within an organization.

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A business man looking over a Gantt Chart soon to be transferred into Microsoft Project to help him track progress in Microsoft Project efficiently.

How to Track Progress in Microsoft Project From Zero to Hero

Accurate tracking and reporting is essential for any project management software, and Microsoft Project is no exception. By consistently monitoring progress and updating tasks, the team can stay on track and avoid potential delays or missed deadlines. Additionally, accurate reporting helps stakeholders make informed decisions about the project’s direction and resource allocation.

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A project manager designing multiple critical paths in project management consulting firms' projects.

How to Readily Leverage Multiple Critical Paths in Project Management

Multiple critical paths provide a significant advantage in terms of flexibility and adaptability. With multiple critical paths, project managers can allocate resources more effectively to meet demands and respond to changes in the project scope. They can also identify potential risks and create contingency plans that will ensure the successful completion of the project.

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A project manager training her team on the subject matter of project management tracking change requests.

Project Management Tracking Change Requests (Ultimate Guide)

Project management tracking plays a vital role in the success of any project. Tracking change requests is one of the most critical aspects of project management. Change requests can arise for various reasons, such as an error in scope, new requirements, or changes in business needs. Efficient change request tracking ensures that these changes are implemented effectively and do not affect the project’s overall progress.

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A hard copy Gantt chart under development by a project manager.

Gantt Chart 101: Definition, Benefits & Examples

Have you ever found yourself struggling to keep track of a project’s progress, deadlines, and tasks? If so, you’re not alone. Many project managers face the same challenge. Fortunately, there are management tools such as Gantt charts and roadmap tools that can assist in managing projects. These tools offer an efficient way of tracking progress and deadlines, making it easier to keep up with the tasks at hand.

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A vector graphic of data that represents the data that will be imported into Smartsheet from Excel.

How to EASILY Import Data into Smartsheet

Importing data into Smartsheet is a straightforward process that allows users to quickly and easily transfer information from other sources. The platform supports various file formats, including Excel, CSV, Google Sheets, and Microsoft Project files. Users can import data using the standard import wizard or through an automated process using integrations with popular apps like Salesforce and Jira.

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